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How To Quickly Setup App Freezer In 2mins On Any Infinix Phone

The App Freezer is an extremely useful tool, that comes pre-installed on infinix smart phone that runs on XOS Chameleon or any of the latest XOS 3.0 and 3.2 Hummingbird versions, that can save you a lot of RAM space and some battery juice, but it is sad to say that most users don't make use of this God Given tool, probably because they don't know what it is and what it is used for, or they might not even know it is in their device. That is the reason why, we've taken it upon our selves today, to tell you guys what the app freezer is all about, what it is used for and how you can make use of it to get the most out of your infinix android smart phones.

app freezer icon

So first of all, let's start by telling you what the App Freezer is all about, and why it is a very important tool in your smartphone.

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In simple terms, the App Freezer, just as it is pronounced, is a tool that is used to disable unused apps in your smartphone. i.e it automatically makes selected applications in your device to stop working for as long as you want, thereby saving RAM space, and a reasonable amount of battery juice.

amount of RAM space saved by freezing apps

NOTE: Freezed apps act like they were not even installed in the device, which makes it a very great feature and you wouldn't receive notifications from freezed apps. Also they do not appear on your app drawer, which makes it another great tool to hide apps. I use the freezer to freeze a ton of apps on my device, and i can't stop testifying on that.

So haven known what the app freezer is all about, and what it is used for, let us go a little bit further, to see how we can set it up, and probably, make use of it, on our infinix smart phones.

  1. So first of all, if you're using a third party home launcher, you would have to switch back to the default XOS Launcher, cause that is where you can only find the freezer app
  2. After migrating back to XOS launcher, you will have to search for the freezer icon on your Home screen, just swipe left or right until you see it, it's not hard to find.
  3. app freezer icon
  4. After you've found it, tap on the icon to open it, and tap on the Circled plus (+) button at the bottom of your screen to add whatever apps you wish to freeze
  5. app freezer homepage

PLEASE NOTE - That you can only freeze third party apps, and not the system apps.

  1. After selecting your apps, tap the check button at the top right hand corner of your screen to confirm

app selection page

And that is all, "congratulations you have successfully disabled and freezed annoying battery and RAM eating apps on your device"

Now one good thing about the app freezer is this; you can decide to open, and make use of any app of your choice, without unfreezing it. Just open the app freezer menu, tap on any app to open it and make use of it, and that is all, the app is working, but still remains freezed.

And you can also unfreeze any app of your choice, just tap and hold the app, until a pop-up comes up, asking you to unfreeze, and select "Ok", or simply select multiple apps to unfreeze them at once. cool right...

unfreeze any app

unfreeze multiple apps

So that's it guys for today, let us know if these steps worked for you, and also tell us what other means you've been using to freeze apps and save RAM and battery on your device, by using the comments box below.

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How To Quickly Setup App Freezer In 2mins On Any Infinix Phone How To Quickly Setup App Freezer In 2mins  On Any Infinix Phone Reviewed by Emmanuel Godwin on Wednesday, November 22, 2017 Rating: 5


  1. I was trying to arrange my icons so I clicked on "smart arrange" that is under auto arrange and all my icons was scattered. Why trying to re arrange them back, I could not find the Freezer app again. I tried downloading it from playstore but couldn't find it. Someone help.

    1. Hello Arun, i'm sorry about your icons getting missing, but on a normal ground, your icons can't just get missing, i will advice you to look carefully, it will be there, the freezer icon can only be seen on your home screen, it isn't included in your app drawer, so just look carefully and you will find it.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Is there a way I can still use apps that have been frozen without unfreezing then, I use an hot 4pro. Do I need to download another freezer app.

    1. Hello Tade, first of all, i must say that i'm glad you stopped by. And as for your question..The answer is YES. You can practically use apps without unfreezing them. All you just have to do, is open the app freezer folder, it will show a list of all your currently freezed apps. From there just tap on any one you wish to open, and that is it. Your app is open and running, but still freezed.. Cool stuff right? Tell us if we were able to solve your problem

  4. I some how can't find the freezer on my Infinite Note 4. What do I do?

  5. Sorry but did you at any time upgrade your phone to the latest android 8.1 oreo version? if yes, then that is a general problem with everyone who have updated their phones to Android 8.1 Oreo update. But if no, check very well on the folders on your home screen, it is included there. The app freezer cannot be found in your phone's app drawer. It is only found in your home screen. And make sure that you are using the default XOS Launcher


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