Photomath Android App Lets You Solve Math Equations Using Your Device Camera

Photomath Is The New Android App, developed by Photomath Inc. that lets you solve mathematical equations with your smartphone, by simply taking a photo of the said equation. Let's say
  1. I Have An Equation I'm Finding Difficult To Solve
  2. Open Photomath On Your Android Device
  3. Take A Photo Of The Equation
  4. And The Answer Is Right There Staring Straight To Your Face In A Simplified Step By Step Sequence.

Photomath Logo

Ok guys, emmanuelGodwin here once again, and today, we'll be doing a short but detailed walk through of this new awesome app, that i bumped into on the Google Play Store.

It is called Photomath, i've already mentioned that a several times, so let's just go straight to how it works. Meanwhile, you can download it from the image below..

If Reading Long Paragraphs of text is not your thing, you can watch our short but detailed video here, that's not gonna take your time.

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The app works by letting you place your device's camera on equations you wish to solve, when it identifies the equation, it solves it and gives you the answer. All these happens in a period of say 5-10 seconds.

So after downloading, we are ready to take the app for a spin. And what i did was this; i wrote down some equations, starting from simple up to some complex equations, then i tried solving them, one after the other, and these were my results..

Photo screen shot 01

Photo screen shot 02

Photo Screen Shot 03

Photo Screen Shot 04

Photo Screen Shot 05

Photo Screen Shot 06

Cool isn't it. But note that, when writing down equations, you must try your best to make sure it is very legible and clearly written, so the app can easily see and understand, what it is asked to solve, to avoid giving you wrong answers.

You can as well decide to view the steps it took in solving your equations (simplifying the expression), and it also gives you a presentation of the answers in graphs and chart, but that is only if your equations has anything to do with graphs.

Photo Screen Shot 07

Photo Screen Shot 08

So guys, that is it for the Photomath android app, the app that lets you do your homework on the go. I think this is an app that everyone of us is meant to have in his/her device, even if you don't do a lot of mathematics everyday, you never can tell, it might come in very handy on a certain day. So head over to Google Play Store to download it right now, once again, here is the Link.

So let us know what you all think of this wonderful app in comments section below, is it a "Yes" or a "No"? 

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Cheers... emmanuelGodwin

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Photomath Android App Lets You Solve Math Equations Using Your Device Camera Photomath Android App Lets You Solve Math Equations Using Your Device Camera Reviewed by Emmanuel Godwin on Saturday, December 30, 2017 Rating: 5



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