Google Pixel 3 Might Feature An Under Screen Speaker

Google started their walk to success with the pixel smartphones, starting with the first pixel in 2016, which was love at first sight, then came the pixel 2 in 2017, and in this year, we are expecting the 3rd generation flagship from Google, the Pixel 3, which according to rumors, might come with its front facing speaker, place under the screen of the device.

Google Pixel 2

I know this might sound unbelievable, but cmon, we are in the era where everything is placed beneath, like with the Vivo smartphone that has its fingerprint reader, placed beneath the screen too... Cool stuff right?

According to Androidpit, Google apparently bought a British startup tech company called Redux way back in 2016. Redux were able to develop various tech, that will make smartphone/devices speakers disappear, or be hidden inside/beneath other components... which results to creating more room inside the device itself.

If all of these is true, then we should be seeing a new redefined Google Pixel 3 in 2018. Now another goodnews is that, Redux technology is not meant for smartphones alone, it can as well be implemented into Android TVs, smart home speakers and so on.

So guys, do you think this is a smart move by Google, or is it really a bad idea, cause personally i think this might result to muffled sounds coming out from the speakers, not all the time though. But we will keep updating this article as soon as we gather more information regarding this. So make sure you subscribe to our blog to get notified.

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