Moviphon Unveils It Android Phone With Built-in Projector (CES 2018)

Just at the time we thought we have seen it all at CES 2018, then comes Moviphon, the android phone that comes equipped with a built-in projector.

Now it wasn't really the built-in projector saga that really caught our attention on this device, because some older siblings in the market have already managed to achieve this with the Leno Yoga Tablet and Motorola Moto Z Projector Mod

What caught our attention was, even with the whole projection stuff going on in there, this device still looks, feels and weighs like every other everyday android smartphone out there, unlike its older siblings mentioned earlier. It is not the best looking smartphone out there, but it comes with the normal everyday smartphone design, that wouldn't even tell it has a projector up there at first glance, unless we didn't tell you just now.

The Moviphone can project images up to a 720p HD resolution, and it comes with a brightness rating of 50 lumens, which is not a bad idea, comparing it with Motorola's Moto Z Projector Mod.

Other specs include a 16mp rear camera, an 8mp front facing counterpart, it comes with a Mediatek MT6750V octa-core processor, a 1280 × 720 HD screen, a rear mounted fingerprint reader, runs on Android 7.0 Nougat, and packs a huge 4000mAh battery to keep it going for long periods of time. We can't tell for now if this device comes with fast charging, but i pray it does to charge that huge battery im a lesser amount of time.

The Moviphon is already selling fast at their official website for $599, you can click Here if you care for one. But plans are being drafted to push it to other online dealers and smartphone retailers...

Tell us what you think about this device, is it worth it for that price? and is it really relevant to purchase that kind of smartphone in this period? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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Moviphon Unveils It Android Phone With Built-in Projector (CES 2018) Moviphon Unveils It Android Phone With Built-in Projector (CES 2018) Reviewed by Emmanuel Godwin on Thursday, January 11, 2018 Rating: 5

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