Leagoo S9 Is The First Android Replica Of iPhone X With Notch Display

Fast forward to the ongoing MWC 2018 (Mobile World Congress) event, one smartphone company which has been known to replicating almost all known brands of other smartphones has done it again, and this time, they decided to copy none other but the almighty apple iPhone x. Say hello to Leagoo S9, the first official android version of the iPhone x.

Leagoo S9 front, back, left  and right

This phone was unveiled at MWC 2018, and you can imagine the loads of attention it grabbed.. because, why not. What makes this device so spectacular is because; first of all, its got the apple  iPhone x inspired notch at the top, see that, and then it got the s9 name, from the new Samsung Galaxy S9. So if you can't afford an iPhone x, just like me, and neither can you afford the galaxy s9 too.. why not let go of those two, and go for the Leagoo...

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Leagoo s9 front view

Then coming to the specifications aspect of things, we've got a 5.85inch HD+ display, an octa-core processor, 4GBs of RAM, 32GBs of Onboard storage, a dual camera setup at the rear that is positioned exactly like on the iPhone x (13mp + 2mp, with flash at the middle), an 8mp front facing one, 3300mAh power battery, android 8.1 Oreo, and they've included a face unlocking feature too, which they claimed unlocks the device in 0.1s. cool right? and all these specs boils down to a charming $150 dollars.

Leagoo s9 complete specifications

So you see, why spend close to a thousand dollars for an iPhone x and $720, for a galaxy s9, when i can let go and go for the leagoo... hahahah...

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Okay guys, that's it for the leagoo, let us know what you think about the device in the comments box below. Do you think it is really a good thing for them copying the iPhone x? tell us, and we'll reply back.

Cheers... emmanuelGodwin

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Leagoo S9 Is The First Android Replica Of iPhone X With Notch Display Leagoo S9 Is The First Android Replica Of iPhone X With Notch Display Reviewed by Emmanuel Godwin on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 Rating: 5

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