Android Go Explained (Everything You Need To Know)

Google unveiled a lite version of android, and wanted us to call it the Android Oreo (Go edition), but hell no, who does that? so we simply chose to call it the Android Go

Android Go

So for those who don't know, but wishes to know, there's really no big deal, or anything big and confusing about the Android Go. It is just a simple, broken down, lite version of the Android Oreo, that is meant for low end smart phones, that are running on lesser processors, lesser RAM(s), and lesser amount of storage spaces.

An Android Go Smart Phone

Now in case you still don't get it, in more simpler terms, the Android Oreo (Go Edition), which is simply referred to as Android Go, is a lite version of Android Oreo, which was built by Google, to help those smart phones with Low Powered Processors, and phones running anything less than 1GB of RAM, with very low storage too, such as below 8GB(s) of storage, to still feel and enjoy the happiness and benefits that comes with Android 8.0, and 8.1 Oreo.

So now we know what the Android Go saga was all about, let us see how Google manage to achieve this with the Android Go, because we all know that, nowadays more features in a smart phone, is simply equal to more powerful processors, more RAM, and probably more storage. So lets go ahead and break down the Android Oreo (Go Edition)

So in order to achieve all those stuffs listed above, here is what Google did with the Android Go Version.

First of all, google reduced the android system installation size down to a significant 3GB, so that smart phones with lesser storage, such as 8GB, will still have some space left for media consumption.

Then google introduced us to the various lite versions of most of its standard everyday apps that we are used to seeing before. For example, the YouTube app, now has a lite version called the YouTube Go, which has been reduced to a whooping 8.24mb in size, compared to the regular 20.84mb for the standard version. Then there is the Google Maps Go which has been brought down to 137kb,compared to the regular Google Maps which is 26.99mb in size.

Android Go Apps

So you see, the Android Go is here to save us a lot of space. Other Go apps include the Google Go (a lite version of the regular Google App), the Google Assistant Go (for low end smart phones who still wishes to enjoy a flawless performance of the google assistant thing, even with low processors, ram and overall storage), Gmail Go, and Files Go (To help you manage space and organise your files on the Go)

Note: All these apps are also made available on google play Store for anyone who cares to install them.

Then there is a revamped and redesigned new version of PlayStore that is made exclusively for devices running the latest android go version.

Android Go Play Store

Still looks, feels and works like the standard version, only difference is that it gives you a list of featured lite weight apps, that best suits the android go version.

And not to forget, the Android Go version also comes with some Data Saving capabilities, to help those with less data, or those suffering from high cost of data in their various locations. For example the Chrome browser that comes with it has its data saver turned on by default.

So if you are excited and interested about Android Go, here are a list of smart phones which you can get lesser prices like $80 - $100 dollars to enjoy the Android Go thing.

1. The New Nokia 1
2. Xiaomi Mi A1
3. Alcatel 1X
4. ZTE Tempo Go

So guys, that is all we know for now about the latest Android Go, the Lite version of the now popular android oreo. Meanwhile tell us what you think about the android go. Let us know if you love it, or maybe it is just whack...

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