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Infinix XOS XManager - What It Is, What It Does, And How To Set It Up

Alright, in order to go straight to the point, the infinix XManager app is a simple system manager app that comes pre-installed as one of the few XOS apps on any infinix smart phone running on any version of XOS Chameleon or XOS Hummingbird.

Infinix XOS 2.0 Chameleon and 3.0, 3.2 Hummingbird XManager app

What It Does

In case you don't know, the XManager helps you get a lot of things done on your phone like cleaning up your RAM at intervals, gathering and cleaning up of junk files, data saving and data monitoring, app management and many more. See? the benefits are endless. So now, lets go to see how we can set it on our infinix smart phones.

How To Setup The Infinix XOS XManager On Your Device

In setting it up, no big deal there, it doesn't require any special process. The app is already pre-installed in your device, so just go ahead and open it up. And in case you are using a third party launcher and you can't find it (because most third party launchers hide it by default), simply roll back to the original XOS launcher, there's a default created folder there named XOS Family, that is where you will get to see a list of all XOS apps installed in your device, and then select the XManager right there.

Infinix XOS XManager

Coming to the home screen of the app, it has an accelerate button which can be used to quickly clean up your RAM, then four other individual buttons are sited below, which are labeled as;

Infinix XOS XManager
XManager Home Screen

1. Mobile Cleanup

It helps you cleanup junk files, temporary files, extra large files, duplicate files, log files, and many other unnecessary files from your device with just a tap of a button. It also has a reminder feature that auto notifies you of collected junk files once it exceeds 100MB.

Infinix XOS XManager Junk File Reminder Setup
Mobile Cleaup Reminder

2. App Manager

XManager App Manager
XManager App Manager

Just like the name is pronounced, it simply helps you manage your apps. It lets you set which apps can send you notifications, silently install and uninstall apps, disable non-system apps (same feature as the app freezer), and then force apps to stop.

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3. Bandwidth Manager

Bandwidth Manager
XManager Bandwidth Manager

In simple terms, the bandwidth manager is an inbuilt data saver and monitoring app. It gives you many different options to effectively manage data on your device just as you could see from the photo above.

4. Auto-start Manager

Apps Autostart Manager
Autostart Apps Setup Page

Nothing special here, it only allows you to decide which apps can auto start when you device is booted on.

So that is pretty much everything we can say for now about the Infinix XOS XManager app. Please leave us a comment in the comments section below, and don't forget to keep sharing the good news and please subscribe to our newsletter if you've not done so.


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