Top 5 Best Chrome Flags To Help You Take Full Control Of Your Google Chrome Browser

Today i will be sharing with us a simple trick, that can be used to tweak and do a whole lot of things on the Google Chrome Browser for Android.

NOTE: This tricks are experimental and should be used with caution, so as not to crash your Chrome browser. But it doesn’t affect your device in any way.

Just like i said earlier, you can achieve a whole lot of things using these simple methods i will be showing us soon. For example, you can decide to bring your navigation menu to the bottom of your screen and also have a default Home button that takes you back to the browser's homepage like this.

Chrome Flags

That’s just an introduction to the dozens of things you can do with it. Now how do we get this done, you can get it done by entering some simple and short URLS in your Chrome browser. These URLS are called Chrome URLS

1. chrome://flags

( this will redirect you to the page where you can get any tweaking done to your Chrome browser)

Chrome Flags - chrome://flags

2. chrome://chrome-urls

(this will take you to the complete list of all chrome urls)

Chrome Flags - chrome://chrome-urls

3. chrome://version

(this will open to you the version of Chrome running on your device, with indepth review)

Chrome Flags - chrome://version

4. chrome://bluetooth-internals

(this will show you your device Bluetooth status)

Chrome Flags - chrome://bluetooth-internals

5. chrome://cache

(this will show you an unending list of all your cache data)

Chrome Flags - chrome://cache

If i decide to keep going, then i will publish a full textbook on this, so guys, you can go ahead and test more experiments on your own by using the Chrome://chrome-urls .

And don’t forget to tell us what you think by making use of the comments box below.

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Cheers... emmanuelGodwin

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