Everything You Need To Know About Android Password Manager And The Best 10

  •   Password Manager apps are a simple but very useful apps that helps to store, organize and manage the passwords for all of your various online accounts, into a single, easy to access app.

  •   They do this in a number of processes, and with a ton of features, one of which is using bank-level AES 256-bit data encryption system.

  •   They are available for download for both Android, iOS, and Windows OS.

Android password manager

I'm pretty sure that many people reading this article right now, don't know what it means to manage passwords, or what password manager apps are, thereby losing on the many benefits that these things can offer.

So today, we took our time to perfectly explain in details, line by line, what password management is all about, what are password manager apps, what they do, and how they can make your lives easy and less stressful.

The Article Proper - What Are Android Password Managers And How Do They Work

You will agree with me that the least average android smart phone user today, has at least up to two, three, four, five, six, dozens of online accounts to boast of. For instance, let me ask you, you reading this article right now, how many online accounts do you currently have and manage? So you see? Right now i want to believe that with just this little few illustrations, you should already have gotten the whole idea behind this article. But lets move on anyway.

Now securing and managing these numerous accounts can pose as a very serious challenge sometimes (infact most of the times). Why because, it is practically impossible for you to have all the passwords for these different accounts in your head.

And mind you, a secured account is one which have a very strong and hard to guess password, and a very strong password is one which contains both letters, numbers, and symbols, like this Thisïş@very§t®oňğp@§§^^ord825749

So tell me, let's say you have up to ten online accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Online Banking Accounts, etc, each with its own very strong unique password that is different from the rest, so how do you get to remember all those gibberish for each account? And that is when these life saving password manager apps, comes in to play.

Android password manager

With password manager apps, you don't need to kill yourself over trying to remember the different passwords that you used for your different online accounts, all you have to do is create and remember one very unique very strong password, and let the app do the heavy lifting for you.

There are a lot of them in Google Play Store, some of which are original and gets the job done, while some are just a bunch of empty gimmicks. But they sure do come with a great handful of very useful features (that's for the genuine ones), and some of these features are listed out below.

  1. They help you keep and organize the passwords for your various online accounts, thereby setting you free from the need of having to remember those numerous passwords all the time.
  2. Most of them do this (No.1 above) with a form of bank-level AES 256-bit data encryption system.
  3. All you have to do is simply create and remember, one very strong password, which will be used to access the app itself whenever you want to make use of it.
  4. Some of them comes with an auto-fill feature that automatically fills in the password for you whenever you want to log in to any of your online accounts, thereby saving you the stress of opening the app all the time to retrieve passwords.
  5. Some of them also have an integrated fingerprint lock system, that is used to access the app, instead of using a password that can be easily forgotten, hacked or erased by some means.
  6. Most of them too, also do comes with their own inbuilt and secured web browsers, for a more safer web surfing.

So those are just a few out of the many features, advantages, and benefits you'd get, if you chose to use a password manager app.

I know that most people might sound like "Why not just use one simple and easy to remember password for all of your online accounts, or why not just write them down somewhere in a book?".

But while doing so, you should as well take note that an easy to remember password, is simply equivalent to an easy to guess password by anyone, and when someone, say a hacker can easy have access to one of your accounts, then it simply means the rest will suffer same fate. And as for writing them down in a book, well a book can easily be torn, misplaced, or stolen.

So you see, the benefits of using one of these are simply endless. And that is the reason why today, we went deep down into the heart of Google Play Store, to search and fish for the top ten best genuine and free password manager apps, that are currently available for your android devices today. Follow the link below to see more..

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  1. Very informative stuff.. and i never of all these for so long.. thanks for sharing this admin.

  2. Very informative stuff.. and i never of all these for so long.. thanks for sharing this admin.


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