Xhide - What It Is, What It Does, And How To Set It Up In 2mins On Any Infinix Smart Phone

  •   Xhide is a secure vault folder found in infinix phones running on XOS Chameleon or Hummingbird.

  •   It has its own special way of unlocking and accessing it, which is not common among every other smart phones out there.

  •   The Xhide icon can be totally hidden from your phone's app drawer.

  •   It is simply a way of hiding your files inside an already hidden app. So lets get to the details in full.

How to setup infinix Xhide in 2mins
Infinix Xhide

Well, i have been saying it, and i will keep saying it, there are just a lot of features in our infinix smart phones, lying down there, waiting to be used, but many of we infinix users are not putting them to good use, maybe because of ignorance, or simply maybe because we never knew they were there. The Xhide is one of those numerously ignored features that i was complaining about. So lets break it down by telling you guys what the xhide is, what it does, and how to set it up on your infinix smart phone, maybe that will make more people learn how to use their smart phones to its fullest possibilities.

So if you must know, the xhide, or infinix xhide rather, is a very handy tool that comes pre-installed with all infinix smart phones running on any version of XOS Chameleon or Hummingbird, phones like the Hot 4, Hot 5, Zero 4, Zero 5, Note 3 and 4, and all the Infinix Hot S series should have this nifty feature already pre-installed in them.

And what it does is simple, it is more like a secured vault folder, where you can easily move all your files (apps, videos, mp3(s), photos, contacts, messages) which you don't want them to be seen by the public.

Infinix XOS Xhide Home page
Infinix XHide Homepage

After that, you can as well hide it completely from your phone's app drawer, so nobody will even have a clue that it is there. And secondly, to open the app itself, it has its own special kind of way which is not very popular with the other ways of inputting a code to open a locked app.

No, in this case, you will have to input the code in your device's phone dialer app. and the codes look like this.

Accessing Xhide From phone dialer app
Accessing Xhide from phone's dialer app. Codes can be anything, but the two harsh symbols must be there... Cool 

So just go ahead, move every app and files which you don't want people to see when they get a chance at your phone, into Xhide, lock it with your desired code combination, remove from your app drawer, and that way, you are completely operating in incognito mode. Cool right.. 😎

setting up hidden mode on xhide
Setting up Hidden Mode - This is the feature that will hide xhide from your phone's app drawer, and make you open it from your phone's 

But wait, one more cool stuff before you leave. Now not only is the xhide used to hide files alone, it can as well be used to disguise incoming calls and text messages in your phone. Like you can make it change the name of who ever is calling in your phone, so people wouldn't know who called you.

How to disguise incoming calls and sms using infinix xhide
Incoming calls will display as "419", while text messages will show as "Buhari just sent you a text"

So we already discussed Indepth about that how to do that in one of our previous articles.. which means you can read it by following the link below.

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So folks, that is pretty much everything we have to say today concerning xhide. Please don't leave with leaving us a comment on this in the comments box below. Share this article and make sure to subscribe to our newsletter.


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Xhide - What It Is, What It Does, And How To Set It Up In 2mins On Any Infinix Smart Phone Xhide - What It Is, What It Does, And How To Set It Up In 2mins On Any Infinix Smart Phone Reviewed by emmauelGodwin on Sunday, May 20, 2018 Rating: 5


  1. I got an infinix hot s3 recently, which uses the hummingbird Xos. However the xhide app isn't pre install and attempt to install it failed. Any idea on what to do.

    1. Well in that case you will have to wait till it is added through a software update.. Because XOS Hummingbird is still a kind new, so there are many features which are still absent in it. But not withstanding you can still download an alternative to it from Play Store. you can download Vault Hide

  2. I've got the same issues updated my phone and couldn't still found xhide, I really need this application now please

    1. Hello Bro you can go to Google Play Store and download the "Phone Master" app. It does pretty much everything you'd do with the Infinix XOS Launcher as it comes bundled with Xhide, App Locker, System Manager and many more.. enjoy.

  3. Does infinix note 5 use xHide

    1. No bro, the Infinix Note 5 is an androidOne smart phone so it doesn't come with all those apps preinstalled in it.. But if you want something like that, you can downnload an app from Google Play Store, the name is Phone Master, and it has stuffs like Xhide and App Freezer already bundled with it.

    2. how can we find xhide in phone master in infinix note 5?

    3. Hello Bro/Sis...I am sorry to tell you, but the Phone Master app currently doesn't support the Xhide feature.

  4. Please I can't find my xhide after I hid it on my phone, how do I get it back?

  5. Please I can't find my xhide after I hid it on my phone, how do I get it back?


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