4 Reasons Why The Xiaomi Black Shark Is An Overhyped Everyday Smart Phone

Okay we've talked about the new Xiaomi's Black Shark smart phone earlier today, which is Xiaomi's first entry device into the mobile hardcore gaming world.

The Xiaomi Black Shark - 4 Reasons Why We Don't Like It

We listed out the specs and features of the device, and they sounded pretty cool on paper. But after writing that article, i later went back to sit down and carefully compare this device with other devices out there, and i noticed that, this device in one way or the other, is pretty much the same thing with our normal everyday devices we have and see around. And now i'm not just talking about the Xiaomi Black Shark, hell no, but i am now referring to every smart phone out there, that claims to be a gaming smart phone.

The Xiaomi Black Shark Mobile Gaming Smart Phone

Now don't get me wrong, what i'm trying to say is this, for a phone to be marketed as a gaming smart phone, there should be at least some core features that differentiates it from other normal standard everyday smart phones out there... But i carefully read every single article that i could lay my hands on about the Xiaomi Black Shark, and every other touted gaming smart phone out there, like the Razer Phone, and i found out that, they are all pretty much the same thing, except for a few changes here and there, which to me, does not still qualify them to be called gaming smart phones. So what we are gonna do is this; in this article, we are gonna be listing out and discussing one after the other, some of these features and specs, which we think should have been different from other normal standard smart phones, in order for them to be called gaming smart phones.

So, looking at the specs on paper, i'd say this is just an overhyped normal everyday smart phone, because, why not?

1. The Processors

Now, this is just me voicing my opinion, i don't know the reason why every web publisher out there have just decided to taking a very keen interest with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Processor that this thing ships with. For heavens sake, this is 2018, and just as the way it has used to being, every high end smart phone that will be launched this year, must sure be coming with this processor, because why not, that is just how it must be done. The Samsung Galaxy S9 was launched during late February, and it came with this processor, exact same type, and exact same color, the Asus Zenfone 5 followed suit, the soon LG G7 and even the OnePlus 6 will all be coming with this processor? So why putting so much hype on it?

And secondly, because they all rock this same processor, it simply means that they will as well all rock the same Graphics Processor, which is the latest Adreno 630 Graphics Processor. So everything pretty much remains the same for all smart phones, both in processing power, and graphics rendering.

So the point i'm trying to make here is this, i think it is high time these gaming smart phones manufacturers begin to think out of the box, a custom processor which is specifically designed for hardcore gaming purposes doesn't sound like a bad idea to me. But no doubts, the Snapdragon 845 is really a beast when it comes with processing power, at least if not the fastest, it should come in second place.

2. Memory And Storage

This is another very serious aspect where i think Xiaomi flopped with the Black Shark. Now in case you don't know, the device ships in two variations, there is the 64GB version, rocking a 6GBs of RAM, then there is the 128GB version, which comes with an 8GBs of RAM, but all of these storage, are not expandable, then why the heck is it called a gaming smart phone, when i am only limited to what is being offered to me. There are many other normal everyday smart phones out there, that still offers the same and even more amount of storage, but still gives space for memory expansion, don't quote me wrong, the Samsung Galaxy S9, and the Asus Zenfone 5, are both typical example, and i'm pretty sure the soon to come LG G7 is as well coming with something of that nature.

3. The Display

No doubts, the display on this device is superb, top notch. But for a gaming smart phone, it could have offered more. The device ships with a 5.99 inch FHD+ IPS LCD display, which is pretty standard for almost every smart phone nowadays. At least a QHD Amoled display shouldn't have been a bad idea at all.

4. The Audio

In case you don't know, this device ships with stereo speakers which is a good thing, but lacks the much needed 3.5mm earphones port, but no worries, it made up for that with the USB type C port which can now be used as an earphone port as well.

But my point now is this, even with the stereo speakers setup, this thing does not have any form of special sound enhancements, of which i think a Dolby Atmos, or even a Dirac wouldn't have sounded bad, or maybe using a dedicated sound processor would have made a lot more sense.

So guys, i don't want anybody to get me wrong, and say maybe i'm speaking out of sentiments. No, all what i'm trying to say is this, any device that has to do with intense gaming nowadays, are considered to be a beast in every single aspect, whether a dedicated gaming laptop, or a console, smart phone, or whatever. But it just pains me that all what these guys such as Xiaomi does is just to bring a couple of things we are used to seeing before, couple them together, and call it a gaming smart phone, which is not supposed to be so.

Personally i think gaming smart phones should be phones that breaks all the limits to whatever a smart phone could offer, there should be a custom gaming processor, display, super much storage, intense sound quality, and all that. But it's just so unfortunate that nobody has ever thought about that, and i hope that people like them will read this article someday, and maybe put some serious thoughts into it.

So guys, those are just my few points as to why i think the Xiaomi Black Shark is just not worth the hype though this phone sure do comes with some pretty mouth watering features like the dedicated gamepad, liquid cooling system, which Xiaomi claims to bring the device temperature down to a shattering 8°C, and then the shark space, which is a dedicated gaming mode that plunges the phone into a high performance mode for immerse gaming. But i just feel like these are also things that any phone can possibly have without breaking a sweat. For example, most Samsung devices now come with a dedicated Game Mode, that does pretty much the same thing as to what the Shark Space does.

So i just feel like, these phones should have more for what they are being called and presented as. And that is it for today guys, i'm really sorry if i got anybody upset with my opinions, but i just can't help it, so i thought voicing it out would be the best option to relieve myself.

And in the meantime, don't forget to tell us what you personally think of this device? Are you with me, or against me. Tell us what you liked about the device, and as well, what you don't like, and lets keep the discussion going.

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Xiaomi's Black Shark - All You Need To Know About The New Xiaomi's Game Changer Smart Phone
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