UPDATED - The Infinix Zero 6 Expected Specifications And Features - Part 2.

Infinix Zero 6 Specs, Features, Review And Price

Alright guys, so from the recent smart phone launches and numerous unveiling we've been seeing and getting from Infinix for the last few months, well we can confidently say that we can now make more pin-point assumptions of the next Infinix Zero 6 smart phone that we are probably expected to launch during the last Quarter Q4 of this year.. So here is a list of assumptions that we've made so far while generating and picking up data from some recent Infinix phone releases and launches. And if you didn't get the chance to read our first article on the expected specs and features that we assume to come with the next Infinix Zero 6 smart phone, well you can do so Here.. trust me, we will be glad you did so.

1. The Design And Display

So from what we've seen so far on smart phones like the new Infinix Hot 6 phones lineups, the Infinix Hot S3X and the Note 5 that was launched a couple of months back, we can say that one thing is common, bigger and taller screens in smaller bodies. Take for an example, the recently launched Infinix Hot S3X, yes the one that came with a notch, it has the largest display on any Infinix smart phone till date, which is a 6.2 Inch HD+ IPS LCD display, but even with all that display, the overall size of the phone was nothing different from what we saw on the recently launched Infinix Note 5 which has just a 6.0 Inch display. All thanks to 18:9 Aspect Ratio.

Infinix Zero 6 Expected Specs And Features

So in conclusion, this simply means that we must get to a bigger screen on the next Infinix Zero 6 smart phone, a display that is much more bigger than what we saw on last year's Infinix Zero 5, but at an overall size that will be comfortable to hold and maneuver. Right now we can't give absolute figures as to what the actual sizes will be, but we sure do know that its gonna be big.

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2. The Notch

So last week, Infinix was successful in launching its first smart phone with a Notch, that is the Infinix Hot S3X. Now what does that translate to? it simply means that we are going to get to seeing more of these notch smart phones from Infinix in no time, and i can say that the Infinix Zero 6 is not gonna be left out of this Notch craze, or they might just decide to go with the Samsung way, you know reduce the top and bottom bezels to a considerably reasonable size and everyone stays happy. And by the way, who even needs a notch.. let us know if you need one in the comments section below after you've finished reading this post.

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3. Processor, RAM and Storage

Okay we've already talked about this during our first article concerning the assumed specifications and features of the Infinix Zero 6, but we're still going to say it again just to fulfill all righteousness. Now hear me, whether you like it or not, the next Infinix Zero 6 smart phone, is going to ship with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, now the exact type and model is not known, but i can bet its gonna be Snapdragon or nothing else.

Infinix Zero 6 Detailed Specifications And Features

And as for the RAM, i already said it that the 6GB of RAM that we saw on the Zero 5(s) last year was and is still already enough for any task thrown to it, so why fix it when it isn't broken.. Or maybe we might get to see an 8GB of RAM on the Pro version because there must surely gonna be one, and a 6GB of RAM on the standard version. And as for the storage options, my best bet is a 64GB storage on the standard version, and a 128GB on the Pro version, both of which must surely be expandable using a Micro-SD card slot. Now that's some cool shit right there huh.. well then let's see what we could dig up for the cameras.

4. The Cameras

Now no words for the cameras yet, but all i know is that it is going to dual, and its gonna have all those glitchy AI Camera stuff that has been going on lately, and its gonna be improved and surpass what we saw on the Infinix Zero 5.

5. Conclusion

So in conclusion, i will say lets just keep our fingers crossed and wait to see what Infinix surprises us with on their next flagship phone. But i'm pretty sure that whatever it will be, it is gonna be one of a kind, spectacular, and a top high end performing smart phone. I just pray it comes with a real 3D Face ID security system this time, and maybe an IP68 Dust and Water Resistant rating will do, and probably an OLED screen too..

So that's it guys for the Infinix Zero 6 smart phone, please let us know if we missed anything in the comments box below, and then also tell us what you think and what you're expecting to see on the next Infinix Zero 6 smart phone..Bye and have a nice day..


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