Xhide - Full List Of Infinix Phones That Currently Doesn't Support It

  •   Infinix ditched all of their XOS apps including Xhide on newer infinix phones and replaced them with the Phone Master app.. But why..?

Infinix phones without XOS apps and Xhide

Okay, so you worried why your current Infinix smart phone doesn't have or support the iconic Infinix XOS apps such as XSecurity, XManager, XPower and even including Xhide right..? okay here's all what i can say so far about it..

Now what happened was that, for one reason or the other which i can't really explain at the moment, Infinix Mobility, now i can't tell if the action was done deliberately or was done by a mistake, but the thing is, for one reason or the other which is best known to them, Infinix Mobility decided to ditch some, in fact all of their most important apps which are known as XOS Apps, on newer Infinix phones which were probably released since the beginning of this year and are probably running on XOS versions from XOS 3.3 Hummingbird, and they replaced them with a single app called the Phone Master app. So if you're one of those people out there that are currently making use of any new Infinix phone that were released within this year, you must have probably seen the Phone Master app on it.

Infinix Phone Master app.

Okay to get a clearer picture of all what i'm saying here, here is the full list of current Infinix smart phones right now, that you can never find the Infinix XOS apps including Infinix Xhide on them...enjoy.
  1. The Infinix Hot S3 that was released in Mid January and the latest Infinix Hot S3X
  2. that was released a few months ago, both running on XOS 3.3 Hummingbird versions, and you can't find XOS apps on them including Xhide..
  3. The Infinix Hot 6 Lite, The normal Hot 6, and the Hot 6 Pro, all of them were released in this year, and are running the latest versions of XOS Hummingbird.. you can't find anything like XOS apps on them too.
  4. The Infinix Note 5 and the Infinix Note 5 Stylus, the Note 5 was released before the Note 5 Stylus.. Now in the case of these two phones, theirs is pretty understandable because, these phones doesn't ship with Infinix's XOS UI, instead they came with Google's androidOne Operating system, which in this case, is a pure and non customised version of android.. So you don't expect them to have all those specs and features that a regular Infinix phone that is running on XOS UI has. In other words, they are just the way Google wanted them to be, you can take a regular Google Pixel phone as an example.

    Google Pixel 3 XL

    By the way, you can go ahead to read our review of the Infinix Note 5 and Infinix Note 5 Stylus Here and Here respectively.. and you can also read and see all the differences between Infinix own XOS UI and Google's androidOne, their advantages and disadvantages Here too..
  5. The Infinix Smart 2 and Smart 2 Pro
  6. So for the last phone on our list.. Well the thing is, there is not really a last phone. But recently, Infinix has been teasing the arrival of a new phone on twitter using the hash tag #SeeEverything.. Now we don't know what this phone is gonna be called or how its going to look like, but something keeps telling us that it might turn out to be the long awaited flagship for 2018, the Infinix Zero 6..

    But one thing is for sure, whether it is going to be the Zero 6 or not, it is definitely not going to come with the Infinix XOS apps as well, including Xhide.. But before that time, you can follow this link to see everything we've known so far about the next Infinix flagship phone for 2018, all the amazing specs and features that you should be expecting from it. There was even a time some live photos leaked on it, showing that it will have glass body and some other amazing specs, you can see that one too here..

Okay so that's that about the current list of Infinix phones that doesn't currently support Xhide and other Infinix XOS apps.. Now there has been a lot of complaints so far why these apps are missing starting from the Day_1 when the first Infinix Hot S3 was released in January, we thought it might just be silly mistake from Infinix and they might just correct all that with a software update, but from that time up till now, we really haven't seen anything which makes me keeps believing that Infinix has ditched them and they might have just been gone for good.. Well i don't know, but make sure you let us know what you think about this situation in the comments section below, and also make sure to keep sharing this post until someone at Infinix head departments sees it..#Cheers...

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