How To Apply For Infinix Note 5 [Stylus] Android 9.0 Pie Beta Update

In case you missed it yesterday when we talked about it, well, here it is. The Infinix Note 5 and Note 5 Stylus phones, are ready and set to start receiving their first phase of Android 9.0 Pie Beta Software Update.

How to update Infinix Note 5 and Note 5 Stylus To Android 9.0 Pie

And in order to do or achieve that, the said Infinix Mobility are looking for a set of customers who owns either the Note 5 or 5 Stylus, and are willing to allow their phones to be used for this testing process. These set of people are called the Infinix Elite Testers.

Infinix Note 5 and Note 5 Stylus Android 9.0 Pie Update

Now its not like the Beta software is that bad and that's why Infinix must be looking for people who are willing to take the risk of testing it out on their phones.. No, that's not the point. The point is that, most of the times, these Beta versions of software usually come with a lot of bug and errors, of which you and i know that if they should make it a global release, a lot of people are probably gonna download and install it thinking it is the final version of the Android 9.0 Pie that they've been waiting for so long, and by the time they start seeing all these bugs here and there and their phones acting very strange in an unpleasant way, guess what happens, they start flooding the whole place with complaints..

So its not like these bugs are gonna damage your phones for good, No, instead when you see one, you have the full right to report back to Infinix, because that is the reason why you're helping them test it out at the first place, and when you report back, it can help them fix all those things and make the necessary corrections, before rolling out the final official version to everyone to use, enjoy and be happy. You can read more about Beta Software Updates Right Here.

Now you might still want to ask me a question like...

What Are The Benefits I Stand To Enjoy As Being An Infinix Elite Tester

First benefit is that, for every new software update and feature that is to be rolled out on their devices anytime, you will be among the first few people to have a taste of it before everyone else even gets to know of it. For Instance, if you applied to be an Elite Tester for this coming Android 9.0 Pie Software Update, you will among the first few to experience it on your Infinix Note 5 or Note 5 Stylus, before people even begin to know there's something like that happening somewhere.

Second benefit is for those who are members of the Infinix XClub Forum.. Yes, if you're not a member, i think this is the best time to be one. Infinix is awarding everyone who applied as an Elite Tester, 1000 worth of XGold Coins.. For those who still doesn't know what XClub or XGold is, you can see them here.

Okay that's enough, so the next question right now is.. since i have known all these things and the benefits involved..

How Do I Apply To Be An Elite Tester For The Infinix Note 5 and Note 5 Stylus Android 9.0 Pie Beta Update?

Simple, all you have to do is..
  1. Follow this Link to get to Infinix XClub
  2. When, inside the XClub, there's a little write up and a second link that takes you to a form
  3. Fill the form as requested
  4. And just relax and wait till you get a feedback from Infinix Mobility.. #Cheers.

Okay guys, so with this, i guess this is where we'll be ending this short but long tutorial for today.. But nevertheless, feel free to let us know what you think about joining the Elite Testing team or not, and we'll sure try our possible best to reply every single comments as fast as we could..


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  1. My phone infinix hot s3 how come update pia

    1. Sorry i don't get you bro.. what are you trying to say?


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