Infinix Zero 6 Preview - Everything You Need To Know Before The Actual Launch Date

  •   The Infinix Zero 6 will be Infinix yet best flagship smart phone with a Gorilla Glass body design and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor.

The Infinix Zero 6 smart phone

Hola amigos, welcome to our blog, and today we'll be discussing a very interesting topic, or should i say a very interesting smart phone rather, because why not, its the next Infinix Zero 6 that we're talking about baby. So in a few minutes, I'll be telling y'all everything you need and have ever wanted to know about the smart phone, and to start with, let's talk about the design.

Well, first of all and as you all already know, the Infinix Zero series have proven to be the flagship variant of smart phones among all other Infinix smart phones lineups, and because these smart phones are considered to be flagships, it simply means they'd ship with both flagship grade and the best materials available, both in terms of design and every other aspects of them. And the next Infinix Zero 6 is not gonna be exception to this special kind of treatment, because as seen from previous leaks and this picture right here, it shows that the Infinix Zero 6 smart phone will be shipping with a Gorilla Glass body, both front and back.

Now we can't tell for now what version or grade of Gorilla Glass that its gonna be, maybe its gonna be a Gorilla Glass 3, because that's what Infinix are known for, or a Gorilla Glass 5, no we don't know all that yet, but the point here is, at least glass gives a more premium and expensive look than metal or aluminum, and it is even what's trending right now in smart phones design. So i appreciate Infinix Mobility for making their customers feel like they belong to somewhere even when their smart phones cost way more lesser than other premium glass body smart phones we have around.

Second thing still on the design is that the phone will be coming in three different colors, there is the black with gold accents, we also have the blue which looks like a gradient color design, and finally the pink.. We don't know if this is all the colors that will be available, maybe there might also be some more other colors which will be released later on, but these are the ones we've seen for now.

Infinix Zero 6 colours

Other aspects of the design includes a dual camera lenses at the back, which has been rumoured to be a combination of a 12MP (wide angle) lens, and a 24MP (super zoom) lens, then on the front, you can find another 20MP lens with AI (artifical Intelligence), which seems like a good upgrade to me, from the 16MP Lens that was found on last year's Infinix Zero 5 and 5 Pro smart phones.

Infinix Zero 6 20MP front facing camera

Other things you will want to take note of still on the design aspect, is the presence of a USB-C port which is common feature nowadays, so it will be a sin if the Zero 6 doesn't ship with one, the fingerprint reader is located at the back (sorry folks, no under the display fingerprint reader for now), and i think that's pretty much it on the design. Anyways, let's move down to the next aspect of the smart phone. The Display.

So coming down to the display of the phone  i heard its gonna be a 6.2 Inches LCD IPS display, with a Full HD+ resolution. But left to me, I'll say its high time Infinix begins to ship its phones, at least the Zero series, with OLED displays, or what do you think, because this is 2019 for fuck's sake. It also has a notch don't forget that, and in that notch is where you'll find your 20MP shooter we talked about.

Infinix Zero 6 notch display design

We are not so sure for now, but we also heard the phone is gonna ship with Android 8.1 Oreo out of the box, you see, in as much as i love the Infinix Zero 6 smart phone even when i've not seen it, i still hate to believe that this news or rumor rather might just turn out to be true after all, because why the heck will Infinix do something as fuckable as that?.. The whole world has moved on to Android 9 Pie nigga, don't you get it? Android Pie, and even in a few months to come, everyone is gonna start preparing for the move to Android Q. So shipping a phone with Android Oreo in 2019 is just so clueless to me. So please Infinix, i beg of you, let this news not be true in Jesus name, Amen.

And still speaking about software, the Infinix Zero 6 will ship with Infinix own latest XOS 4 Honeybee customized UI out of the box.

Infinix Zero 6 XOS 4 Honeybee

XOS Honeybee has a lot of very cool features if you must ask, such as the ability to recharge or load airtime vouchers into your smart phones without having to dial the actual digits by yourself.  Very cool feature right? Well then you can read up everything you need to know about XOS 4 Honeybee and its twelve new features by following the link below.

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  •   How to recharge airtime vouchers on your phone without dialing the actual digits, by using your phone's camera

In terms of hardware, we also heard the Zero 6 will be shipping with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor out of the box. Now you see, to be honest with you all, i was really expecting something more than this from Infinix this year, i mean if Xiaomi could do it (you know what i mean), then why can't Infinix do likewise, at least even a Snapdragon 835 would have sounded and worked better than what we have here.  Why Infinix... why..? Well, let's just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

In addition to that, the Infinix Zero 6 is said to be coming in two versions, with only their storage sizes being their only differentiating factor, just as they did last year with the Zero 5 and the Zero 5 Pro. So there's gonna be a 6GB RAM + 64GB storage on one, and the second will be same 6GB of RAM, but with a 128GB Storage. But if at all we end up seeing another different variant with an 8GB of RAM and either the same 128GB or a 256GB of storage, then i'd be the happiest man alive, because why not, more storage equals to more fun.. Right?

Other features of the phone includes..
  1. Face Unlock .. [checked]
  2. Fast battery charging.. (checked)
  3. Wireless battery charging.. [Not checked]
  4. IP68 Water and Dust Resistance.. (Not checked)

And finally the price. Well for the price, we don't have any news or rumors as pertaining to that yet, but i surely do know its gonna be around a 120 - 150 thousand naira when it launches.

Alright folks, so that's it and everything we think you needed to know about the next Infinix Zero 6 smart phone, Infinix hasn't said anything concerning the official launch date, but they've already started teasing the coming of the device on their social media pages and handles, especially on Twitter, which simply means the launch and first official unveiling should be sitting just around the corner, so brace up everyone, and get ready to be wowed by Infinix.

Anyways, thanks for joining us today on another very Interesting discussion, show us some love by leaving a comment for us below, and help us to share too. We will see you on the next one.. #Bye...


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