4 Reasons Why The Infinix Hot 7 and 7 Pro Are Worthless Phones In 2019

The Infinix Hot 7 and 7 Pro smart phones are both worthless phones, take it leave it. Look i'm sorry to sound this way if you're a die hard fan of Infinix, but truth be told, the Infinix Hot 7 and the 7 Pro smart phones, are not only worthless, but useless at the same time, pointless and they are just recycled piece of shitty plastics that are worth looking at, not to talk of buying in 2019. I am so very much upset, and i am writing this post out of severe anger after getting to know some of the specs that the Infinix Hot 7 and the Hot 7 Pro are bringing along with them.. And that's the issue i'm here to address today. I hope you enjoy it and as well get upset and angry as i am now.

Infinix Hot 7

My Top 5 Reasons Why It Shouldn't Even Cross Your Mind To Buying The Infinix Hot 7 and 7 Pro Smart Phones This Year, Because They Are Not Just Worth It

1. The Processor

According to a real live unboxing video of the Hot 7 and 7 Pro posted by Super Mobile Fans on YouTube, (you can watch the video below). Both phones are coming with a Mediatek MT6580 chipset. Now for those who doesn't know, this is the same processor that was on the Infinix Hot 2 all the way from 2015, the Hot 3, Hot 4, 5, even the Snapdragon 425 chip that was used on last year's Hot 6 series was no different from it, and now they're using the same archaic Chipset on a 2019 smart phone.. Like what does these people even take us to be? they just dish out loads of recycled smart phones year after year, and expect people to patronize them?

Yes i know a lot of you will come for my head with the fact that these phones are meant to be cheap, so why am i complaining?.. They are meant to be cheap doesn't mean that we shouldn't be given what we deserve.. Like for God's sake, Infinix can do better than this na, okay if you're saying they're meant to be cheap, what of the likes of Huawei, Xiaomi, Umidigi and the rest, don't they have cheap phones too? when was the last time you saw an MT6580 processor on a Xiaomi Redmi phone or even the Huawei Y series. Please spare me that cheapness shit and let's move over to the next agenda.

2. Android Version/Software

This is February 2019, and one phone company somewhere is busy launching smart phones with Android 8.1 Oreo out of the box.. Now launching a phone with a now ageing version of android is not even my problem. The issue right now is that, these phones don't even have any hope of them being upgraded to the latest version of android in the nearest future.

Infinix Hot 7 android version

All the phones that Infinix launched last year all came with Android Oreo out of the box, was that not enough Oreo(s) in one year? why shift your stupidity to another year?. Take a look at other OEMs and take a look at your beloved Infinix, why does Infinix Mobility keep behaving like the Nigerian economy? always coming to the show late. Seriously i don't see any difference between the Infinix Hot S3 of last year, the Hot 6, 6 Pro, S3X, 6X and this current Hot 7. My advice to you who is a blind follower of Infinix, if you already own any of the aforementioned phones above, please don't even bother yourself getting a new Infinix smart phone in this year, because all you'll be getting is the same old device in a rebranded casing. This is not a matter of personal choice this time, this time, it is a matter of just the right thing to do. I AM UPSET..

3. RAM and Storage

So i heard the new Hot 7 smart phone is coming in two distinct variants, and i also heard there's not gonna be a Pro version for it, but i can't tell for now how genuine that information is. But from the unboxing video posted by same Super Mobile Fans on YouTube, there's just gonna be, first, the Hot 7 with a 1GB of RAM and a 16GB of Storage, and a second Hot 7, with a 2GB of RAM and same 16GB of Storage... Now that sounds both funny and stupid at the same time right?..

But have you ever asked yourself, what will a smart phone with a 1GB of RAM do for you?.. Like doesn't it sound stupid? At least starting off with 2GB of RAM and moving all the way up to 4GB would have even sounded better.. Now not only is the RAM even my problem, but the bigger problem is that, these RAMs are not even properly optimized, if an Infinix 3GB to 4GB RAM smart phone can freeze and halt to a stop after just a couple months of making use of them, what more can you say for a one with just a 1GB of RAM, my brothers, it will be as slow as Infinix is to upgrading their smart phones to the latest versions of Android.

4. The Display

Well, what more can i say, i'm not really that upset when it comes to the display of these smart phones. But all i'm saying is, Infinix has stayed in this region of low resolution displays for the Hot series smart phones for too long. All phones that were launched in 2018 all came with a 720p×1280 HD+ resolution displays, except for the Note 5 and 5 Stylus. So why making use of the same HD+ in the coming year, why not try at least ordinary Full HD, is that too much to ask for?..

Infinix Hot 7 display size and resolution

Alright people, so that is pretty much all the reasons why i was upset with the new Infinix Hot 7 and 7 Pro smart phones.. But that doesn't still take away the fact that these are some pretty solid devices, especially with the designs. In as much as they are still plastics, there's this one with this particularly interesting color called the Cosmic Purple. It has this gradient tint to it that allows it to fade from purple to dark under different lighting conditions and angles.

Infinix Hot 7 colors

So let us know what y'all think about these new smart phones in the comments section below, please support us by sharing this article and subscribe to our free newsletter if you haven't done so already.. And as always, I'll see you all tomorrow.. #Peace Out


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