6 Steps To Restore/Unhide Hidden App Freezer On Any Infinix Phone In 2mins

Now if for any reason, you noticed you couldn't find the pre-installed app freezer that came with your Infinix smart phone, maybe it used to be there before, probably on the home screen of your XOS Launcher that as well came with your Infinix smart phone, and all of a sudden, you just couldn't find it anymore, it just disappeared into thin air, and you're already beginning to panic and agitate, because you've gotten just so used to the app freezer, that you couldn't imagine how near impossible it would be, to making good use of your smart phone, without it helping you to kill too many installed apps, thereby saving a great chunk of RAM space, and as well as a great deal of battery life.

Well, the thing is, first of all, you shouldn't panic. Why? because, we have good news, and that good news is, we've been there before, and we were able to solve this problem by ourselves, and within just a couple of minutes, everything began working just as fine as it used to, minutes before the app freezer on our Infinix smart phone disappeared, and that solution, is what we have come here to share with everyone today.. #Enjoy..

How to recover or unhide app freezer on any Infinix phone

But before now, we've already taken our time to discuss on a separate article entirely, about everything you need to know about the Infinix app freezer that comes pre-installed on our Infinix smart phones, we talked extensively about what it is, what it does, the many benefits it brings along with it, and how you can set it up and start making use of it on your Infinix smart phone, if you've not been using it before.. So you can quickly check out that article right here for those of you who are interested, and once again, #Cheers...

How To Recover or Restore Back Hidden App Freezer On Any Infinix Phone In 2mins Using These 6 Steps

  1. Alright, so the first thing you should do is to go to Google Play Store and update your Infinix XOS Launcher if you've haven't done so already, but if your XOS Launcher is up to date already, then you can skip this step and let's move on to the next one.

    XOS Launcher v3.6.38 download

  2. After updating XOS Launcher, launch it, now go to its settings by long pressing on any empty space on the home screen and then tap on the icon or option that says "Menu", which in my case, is located at the far right corner at the bottom of the screen.. See the image below.

    How to restore hidden Infinix app freezer - Step 02

  3. Alright, so we've successfully gotten into the XOS Launcher's settings page, now the next thing we have to do is to locate the settings option that is labeled as "Other Settings" and tap on it.

    Recover lost Infinix app freezer

  4. While inside of it, look slightly below and you will see another option that says "Freezer" and has a toggle button just like every other settings option right there.
  5. Now the toggle button should probably be turned off in your case at this time, which is the reason why the app freezer on your phone suddenly disappeared. So all you have to do is tap on that toggle to turn it back on and the color will change to green. And that is all.

  6. Now go back to your XOS Launcher home screen, and you should see that App Freezer has been restored back.. #Cheers..

Alright everyone, so i guess that is pretty much it on how to restore back hidden or lost app freezer on your Infinix smart phones, by the way, let us know in the comments box below, if this solution worked for you, and if it did, give us a thumbs up by subscribing to our free newsletter if you haven't done so already, keep sharing and visiting us, and as always, I'll see you all tomorrow.. #Peace Out


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